Derek Lewis


"Matthew Pollard has been a godsend. When we started, I hadn’t had a major sale in so long I was getting ready to quit my business. After two hours of coaching, his insights changed my whole approach. On my very next sales call, I followed his advice – and landed a $40,000 project in just 40 minutes.

7 weeks later – Just landed another ghostwriting gig. Makes $80k in sales in 6 weeks. You are a miracle worker!"

Vicki Jones


"Matthew is a driven individual. His ability to engage clients and staff to take them to the next level is inspiring and shows genuine care. He has a unique ability to take any product or service provided by a business, find a prosperous new niche for it and then differentiate it to propel the business into rapid growth. More amazingly he seems to be able to scale a business to handle this growth seamlessly."